DIPLAST has introduced Baby Swimming Pool for Children which is sturdy in Nature.

Complete Pool has been moulded as one piece on the Rotational Moulding Machine.

The Approximate Diameter of the Pool is 5 ft. & height 2 ft.

It is suggested that this tank should be embeded in the ground with approximately six inches above the ground. Robust & Quality Plastic has been used to manufacture this tank.

The Pool is for the children above 3 years & has smooth internal surface, so that there is no harm or injury to the child wile playing in water.

This type of Pool can be put in your rear lawn and children can swim or play during the summer in this pool.

The material which has been used for manufacturing the pool is LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene). It keeps the surface free from Rusting & the water in the pool will remain hygienic throughout without any possibility of contamination.

The pool is available in Red, Blue, Green & Yellow Colours & is very reasonably priced.

Diplast Plastic Ltd is the leading manufacturig of UPVC Pipes & Fittings in India for uPVC SWR Drainage Systems with rubber Ring.....
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